Salesforce : Serving customers with high-quality videos

Glossy production values combined with a sense of authenticity build credibility

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The feature

Salesforce, the US-based customer software provider, has a number of ‘Customer Stories’ videos on its main global website, which are television-quality and feature contributions from some of the most well-known brands.

An example of the form is the Adidas story, a 2 ½ minute video featuring clips of interviews with the sports apparel maker’s CEO, head of digital and vice president of customer design, on how Salesforce helped the company ‘transition to a hybrid model’ between online and physical stores.

The takeaway

Salesforce’s website is focused, appropriately, on marketing and sales, to an extent many corporate websites are not. However, customers are an important part of the mix of audiences for many corporate web presences; and the Salesforce videos show what is possible in serving them online.

In addition, the videos are located on magazine-style pages with hiqh-quality graphics and strong editing, a benchmark for all kinds of editorial on websites, not just pages that serve customers.
First published 06 November, 2018
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