Novartis : Responsive right links

Useful right menus need not be dropped when a site goes responsive.

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The Site

Novartis, the Swiss pharmaceuticals giant, recently relaunched its website with responsive design (meaning the screen adjusts automatically to fit any screen size). Following fashion, the website dropped left menus. Going against fashion, however, it retained right menus containing ‘Related links’.

The links ‘stick’ to the top of the screen as visitors scroll down the page, keeping them constantly in view (along with the top navigation bar). When the page adjusts to smartphone screen size, the related links move to the bottom of the screen.

The Takeaway

We continue to note the many ways responsive design has led to a loss of usability on corporate websites, and dropping right menus is one of them. Rather than dropping related links altogether, some companies have moved them to the bottom of the page. This does not solve the problem though, because desktop visitors (still the majority for most corporate websites) who do not scroll down the page will not see them.

Fashions aside, having ‘related links' in right menus, where your visitors are more likely to see (and click) on them, still makes sense. There is no doubt responsive design makes keeping related links in right menus trickier, but Novartis shows it is not impossible.
First published 18 November, 2015
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