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The UK bank’s corporate site features unusually well-integrated investor webcasts.

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The feature

The ‘Results’ page within the investor relations section of Barclays’ recently redesigned website contains links to a comprehensive of set of results materials. PDFs of quarterly announcements, presentations and transcripts; Excel financial data sheets; and webcasts are presented in a clear, user-friendly tabbed menu.

All this is helpful, but not unusual. What is exceptional, however, is the fact that clicking on a webcast link leads not to a third-party site but to an elegantly integrated webcast within the corporate site itself.

The takeaway

Time-pressed investors and analysts will welcome the fact that Barclays’ results webcasts and supplemental materials are embedded within the investor relations section of the website, rather than on a third-party site that opens in a new pop-up or browser window, as is so often (and frustratingly) the case. There is no need to register for the webcast replays – another bonus for investors and analysts who want to find information quickly with a minimum of fuss. Supporting documents are intuitively organised on the webcast page and the neat searchable slide deck is nicely detailed, so viewers can more easily find a specific piece of commentary.

The service is let down by overall navigation issues (lack of left menus, over-reliance on the mega dropdown panel and patchy breadcrumb trails) that affect the entire website, but the webcast integration and service itself is unusually good.
First published 26 November, 2014
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