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An in-house careers programme aims to attract a candidate audience.

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The feature

Altran, France-based high-tech engineering group, has launched a magazine-style video service for jobseekers. Altran features a programme called Career on the Live Chat page in the Careers section of its international website. An introduction above a viewing screen invites visitors to ‘Watch Career and get the latest news about Altran through a series of exclusive reports and interviews’.

A contents index below the screen previews the 45-minute programme’s four segments of content: Altran World News; Ask the Boss, an interview feature with, in this edition, the chief executive; The Talk, first-person work profiles of three employees; and Socialise, tips on how to improve your ‘digital identity’ to help your career. It is not possible to navigate the Flash-based video by section.

A link to Career is featured at the top of the group Facebook page, and on its LinkedIn page, but the viewing screen is not included when the site is looked at on mobile devices (smartphone and tablet).

The takeaway

The Career programme is a bold attempt, in keeping with Altran’s high-tech positioning, to exploit the proliferation of online media and growing appetite for video content. In addition to integration on selected social media channels the investment in the programme extends to the group’s own production studio and staff and comes with the stated objective of helping reach the group’s target to recruit 4,000 engineers worldwide in the current year. Its initial editorial mix should help it stand out from the job-offering crowd and if it can be repeated regularly has a good chance of engaging the high-calibre candidates for which Altran is competing.

Some extra – and comparatively modest – investment would increase the odds of Career finding its audience, however. Arguably the most critical is adopting a video format other than Flash, which is not run by either Android or Apple on their devices. Smartphone and tablet use is booming, especially among Altran’s target demographic, and it looks bad for Altran that it is not on top of the issue. Promotion should also be strengthened in the Careers section, where the programme does not get a mention on the landing page and the association with Live Chat will not be made by anyone unfamiliar with it.
First published 09 April, 2013
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