BP : Quick Twitter insight

The energy giant uses Twitter for some fast, free insight into its followers.

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The feature

BP sent two tweets in quick succession on September 12th, each saying, ‘We’ve just reached 30,000 followers! So why are you following us?’, with a link to a survey embedded in the tweets. Users that clicked on the survey had four options: ‘I want a job at BP’; ‘Interest in the industry’; ‘BP works in my community’; ‘A recommendation or RT’.

The survey lasted 24 hours, and in the end one tweet garnered 123 votes and the other 165. Results were similar – about 40% were following for job prospects; about 50% because of an interest in the industry, with only small percentages saying BP worked in their community or because of a recommendation.

The takeaway

There are obvious limitations to this approach – a small sample, only four choices of answer, etc – and it should not replace more sophisticated measurement and evaluation, but it was probably not meant to.

There can be value in simplicity, and BP’s Twitter survey is an interesting idea – quick to set up and run, giving potentially useful insight at no cost.

First published 14 September, 2016
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