Cisco Systems : Putting trust in technology

An online ‘Trust Center’ confronts doubts about the technology sector in a pitch to customers.

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The feature

Cisco’s main corporate web presence has a section called the ‘Trust Center’, which has a number of resources to convince customers that the company takes privacy, data protection and security seriously.

A video on the landing page sets the context – Cisco cares about the privacy and security of its customers, but is also 'creating a better more secure cyber eco-system'.

The section is divided into five subsections: ‘Key Topics’ (eg, how Cisco protects its ‘customer, partner and employee information’) ‘Featured Content’ (links to company blogs and articles); ‘Innovation’ (how quantum computing boosts security); ‘Our Story’ (how Cisco secures its own global network) and ‘Resources’ (videos, case studies and white papers).

The takeaway

The ‘Trust Center’ successfully combines thought leadership and reputation-building material in an attempt to turn customer scepticism to Cisco’s advantage.  

While much of the original content in the section is strong, it is the concept that stands out: many parts of the section are just a clever repackaging of conventional and technical customer materials such as privacy data sheets, white papers, case studies and infographics.

The ‘Trust Center’ is not without faults. It has low visibility on the Cisco corporate web estate – it is signposted from the footer amidst other 'About us' links. The sheer amount of information can be overwhelming, and links often lead to unexpected places (eg, directly into PDFs or other parts of the Cisco digital estate), which is a weakness of the Cisco’s online customer areas as a whole.

Still, it is well-executed overall, and further evidence of a trend for large companies to use digital channels to ‘explain’ themselves or defend against criticism.
First published 05 December, 2019
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