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Timely reminders are included with individual pieces of content.

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The feature

Verizon Enterprise Solutions, US-based business network technology provider, encourages the sharing of individual pieces of content.

Verizon Enterprise’s worldwide site has a Resource Center microsite that provides a library of content in various formats (for example, PDF, video, podcast) and a range of types (white paper, fact sheet, case study, infographic etc). The default view on the home page is a ‘What’s New’ gallery comprising 16 thumbnail graphics for individual items, each captioned with a title and content type.

Running the cursor over a thumbnail opens an attached ‘Share’ panel with options to forward the content via LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook. Clicking a thumbnail launches the item in a smaller secondary window, while its associated Share panel remains open on the underlying gallery page.

The takeaway

Verizon Enterprise’s ‘at-point-of-view’ panel is an ingenious way to add the share option across the range of formats from multiple sources that its Resources Center library offers. The integral use of a secondary window means that while visitors are made aware of the option as they browse the gallery pages they can view the content before making a decision about sharing, then easily retrieve the Share panel if they wish to do so.

Equally sophisticated, though, is the prompt the panel gives to share an individual piece of content. Rather than being anchored in a toolkit or suite of buttons at a fixed point on the gallery page, where it can either be overlooked or is troublesome to navigate to, it waits ‘off screen’, then appears as a timely reminder or prompt as the item is engaged with.

First published 28 January, 2014
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