Ernst & Young : Promoting ‘usies’

Other people's pictures help a firm to look good.

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The feature

Ernst & Young (EY), global auditing firm, encourages conference delegates to share self-taken pictures of themselves at the event.

EY’s US member firm includes a page of information about its Emerging Leaders Program within the Students area of its Careers section. A link within the page leads to coverage of last week’s [19-20 June] Emerging Leaders Summit, an event for selected students from the programme. The coverage consists of a Twitter timeline in which ‘usies’ – group photographs in the subject-taken style of ‘selfies’ – feature heavily, with hash-tag links for the event and separate SelfEY streams. Almost all have been posted by attendees.

A selection of the ‘usies’ was posted to the EY US Careers Facebook page’s Timeline by the EY US Careers team along with the hash-tagged Twitter links.

The takeaway

Ernst & Young’s rebranding last year as EY allows the US Careers team to make a wordplay out of its Twitter photo stream that risks coming across to its student (pre-college graduate) target audience as too contrived or ‘clever’. That aside, though, its adoption of the ‘selfie’ phenomenon is well judged and appropriate, with the light amount of direct intervention from the careers team – leaving most of the posting to attendees – enhancing a sense of authenticity.

Whereas students would be ill advised to include selfies in any future job applications, it suits EY here in its aim of trying to come across to this group as an approachable, collegiate and stimulating potential employer. Using it – and the Twitter timeline – alone for the coverage of the recent Summit is bold but works in the context of the website, where other information is readily available. Similarly the post to the Facebook page, which has a link back to the US Careers site.
First published 24 June, 2014
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