AMD : Prominent and plentiful performance data

The US semiconductor maker's corporate site provides easy to find and comprehensive social, environmental and financial reporting information.

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The feature

The Corporate Responsibility landing page of AMD's corporate site includes a 'Summary Data Table' showing performance across a range of key financial and non-financial metrics over three years. 

This includes ESG metrics such as 'workforce volunteer hours', 'percentage of female employees' and 'water use'; and financial metrics such as 'total revenue' and 'net income'. 

'Supply Chain' metrics are also covered in the table  including 'number of manufacturing suppliers'. 

At the bottom of the table, there is a link to 'Complete data tables'. This leads to a single page containing data for a range of metrics including 'labour', 'evironmental' and 'economic' performance, which goes back seven years.

Jump links at the top of the page provide quick access to each of these categories. 


The takeaway

AMD's financial and non-financial reporting provision has a number of strengths. 

First, providing financial and non-finance performance data in aggregated tables is likely to be appreciated by the growing number of CSR, investment and other analysts who are factoring both types of performance information into their research and recommendations. 

Second, by providing an aggregated summary performance data table directly on the Corporate Responsibility landing page, this data is easy to find for all visitors.

Third, by providing an onward link from to full, aggregated data, deeper detail is easily accessible for visitors who want it. 

Finally, by providing all this data directly on the site in HTML, rather than in PDF alone, it is more visible to casual browsers as well as those prepared to download and dig into reports.

If the data was also provided in downloadable Excel format, this strong provision would be even better.
First published 06 April, 2021
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