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News releases lack offline options.

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The Site

Moser Baer, an India-based optical media manufacturer, loses sight of an opportunity to serve key audiences even better. Moser Baer includes separate press release archives for analysts and journalists in its Investors and Media sections respectively. Headline links on the home page go direct to individual releases in the archives, both of which also offer exceptional depth, going back in annual collections to 2001, a total of 11 years. Releases are displayed within the current web page (HTML), with an option at the foot of the release to view others from that month (the link is to the corresponding index in the archive’s monthly sub-sets for the year). There is, however, no way either within the archive or the site itself to download or print off a release. Other library content in the sections – such as Financial Reports (annual and quarterly) and yearly balance sheets in Investors and the press kit and management profiles in Media – are presented in PDF only.

The Takeaway

In some respects journalists and analysts get a first-rate news release library service from Moser Baer, with the depth of the resources and on-screen display aided by extra touches such as named contacts for each release and the embedded link to other releases from the same month. All of which, unfortunately, bring into sharper focus the lack of support provided on the site to download or print off individual releases. The only option for analysts or journalists wanting a copy – to review while travelling or add to a research file, for example – is to copy and paste the text into a separate document, not an efficient or user-friendly imposition for those in a hurry i.e. just about all of them. The problem is cemented by the site’s lack of a general print or download facility, but on the evidence of its provision of other key documents in a printable/downloadable format (PDF) Moser Baer seems to be aware of the need to compensate for this. It would be a backward step to go over to this system for releases and stop offering them in HTML, which makes them easier to browse (and could compromise features such as the ‘same month’ link). Conversely, the addition of a downloadable version would strengthen its usefulness significantly to these key audiences.
First published 13 October, 2011
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