BASF : Preferring not to personalise

The German chemicals giant has dropped a careers-related online personalisation tool from a recent website redesign

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The feature

BASF maintained a personalisation tool in its corporate website careers section for several years. The ‘My preferences’ tool, which was signposted prominently in the in-section navigation of the previous version of the website, allowed visitors to ‘select your interest to customize page content’.

Visitors could choose to customize website content based on their experience level – graduate, professional or student, and business field, such as administrative, engineering or marketing.

Following a recent redesign, BASF has dropped the feature from its global site.

The takeaway

The ‘My preferences’ tool was part of a package of innovative features that BASF introduced to its online careers section a few years ago, including a quiz, a blog, WhatsApp chat and 360-degree videos. Some of these, including ‘My preferences’ were abandoned in the recent redesign, although WhatsApp and the videos have remained.

‘My preferences’ worked reasonably well in our tests, although most content within Careers stayed the same no matter which preferences were selected. Maybe, as with other personalisation features we’ve seen on the corporate web which have been quietly dropped, it did not have enough take up to justify keeping it; although we do not have any inside knowledge of BASF’s reasons.

Personalisation is being pushed hard by agencies at the moment, and we are sceptical of the promises being made.

Remembering the experiments that didn’t work out are important when considering whether or not to jump on the personalisation bandwagon.
First published 15 May, 2019
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