Shell : Practice questions for graduates useful, but 'could do better'

Candidate test questions housed on an external site are potentially helpful but could be better at setting jobseeker expectations at the outset.

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The feature

In its online careers section, Shell includes some useful guidance for graduate applicants on what to expect throughout the recruitment process, which includes a selection of online aptitude assessments after applications have been submitted.

The section on online assessments links through to two 'practice tests' on a third party providers site, one of which is a 'cognitive assessment practice test' and the other a 'working-styles assessment practice test'. Once users arrive at the site it transpires that the 'tests' are actually limited to a handful of sample questions on an overview page.

The takeaway

Giving candidates the opportunity to work through practice tests could be a helpful tool to manage their expectations, settle nerves and help them to perform at their best in the actual assessments. Though not as useful as a full test, providing a small number of sample questions does work to give users a general feel for the structure and style of the assessments.

The main issue here is with the language: 'practice tests' sets an expectation of a complete, though anonymous and un-assessed, run through. Users may overlook the sample questions as they search for the test they expected to find. This risks wasting their time and building frustration, potentially undermining the original intention to help reveal their best work.
First published 16 June, 2020
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