Goldman Sachs : Podcasts in the bank

Regular podcasts help position the global investment bank as a font of knowledge and an interesting place to work.

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The feature

‘Exchanges at Goldman Sachs’ is a series of podcasts produced by the US-based investment bank, which are housed on its corporate website in the ‘Our Thinking’ section. The series started late last year, and is updated two or three times a month.

Each episode features Goldman Sachs experts analysing global financial, social and technology trends – recent episodes looked at, for example, the Chinese economy, the oil price decline and developments in artificial intelligence.

The takeaway

The Goldman Sachs corporate website is carefully designed and curated with three clear apparent goals in mind: to attract the best recruits; to persuade the world that the firm is not wicked; and to position it as a font of knowledge and expertise about socioeconomic and financial trends.

The Exchanges podcasts help to achieve the first and last of these goals effectively: they are regularly updated with an interesting mix of editorially engaging topics; draw people in with sharp headlines; employ an easy-to-use menu on the site; and allow people to subscribe on iTunes.

Goldman Sachs is taking advantage of the rising popularity of podcasts in the wider digital world, and adapting the form well for its own online needs.
First published 16 December, 2015
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