Tullow Oil : Plugged in to LinkedIn

A website plugin offers a quick and inexpensive way to integrate the corporate website with LinkedIn.

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The feature

Tullow Oil, a UK-based oil and gas company that operates primarily in Africa, has a LinkedIn ‘Company Insider’ plugin at the bottom of its Careers landing page.

Tullow’s version of the plugin (there are a few different options for how it can be displayed) shows the number of employees in the visitor’s network, allowing the user to scroll through the names and photos. Clicking on a name opens the LinkedIn profile in a new window.

The takeaway

The ‘Company Insider’ plugin is a quick and inexpensive option for integrating a website with LinkedIn, the most popular career-oriented social media channel. At a glance, the tool lets visitors see profiles of people who work at the company and how they might fit in. If they discover an employee they happen to know, they could get in touch for an unvarnished view.

The tool is free but users must agree to LinkedIn’s terms of use – eg, allowing LinkedIn to promote itself on the interface, to market, if it wishes, the fact that your company uses the plugin, and to capture the data of those who click on it. Some companies – or their legal departments – may decide the terms of use are not for them. Maybe that is one of the reasons why we have not seen a huge take-up yet among large corporate sites, even though the plugin has been available for a few years. Still, if resources are tight, it is at least an effective way to broaden the jobseeker experience on a budget.

First published 02 December, 2015
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