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Structured job opportunity information packs expedite recruitment.

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The Site

FedEx, a US-based delivery service, provides dynamic job opportunity information packs for each of the major functional areas within the company. FedEx’s standalone US careers site includes an Areas of Talent primary section that covers 11 categories of operation in a secondary menu ranging from Company Support and IT to Supply Chain and Retail. Each category heading leads to a formatted page in which the standard elements are populated for the corresponding area of operation. The elements include a summary of the function’s role within the business; a set of tailored questions that can be clicked “to watch a video [within an embedded viewing frame] of our employee’s response”; a list of Hot Job Postings, each of which links through to a full job description from where an application can be started or the hot list be retrieved; and a customised job search tool that filters relevant vacancies by state (and limits the options to states “where we have current openings”).

The Takeaway

FedEx’s careers site is clearly geared as a jobs board – its default landing page is that of the Job Search tool and even within the Areas of Talent section there is a strong emphasis on presenting current vacancies. That does not come, though, at the expense of information selling the company as a place to work as well as a place that has work. Far from it, in fact. The standardisation of pages in Areas of Talent delivers a dynamic information pack about job opportunities in each part of the business that makes for a powerful recruiting tool. Usability is a key factor in the structuring of the ‘packs’. The employee testimonial videos are cut to provide short sharp responses to the FAQs; ‘hot’ postings are quick links to featured vacancies; the search tool is automatically set to exclude jobless states. This helps preserve a pleasing degree of expediency while allowing for promotion of the roles and the company – making for express and effective delivery all round.
First published 11 August, 2011
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