Shell : On brand images

Photographs on the oil giant’s corporate website make clever use of colour to reinforce the brand identity.

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The Site

High-quality photography has long been a strength of Shell’s web estate, and the images on the company’s new site are striking, original and creative. They are also carefully managed to regularly use red and yellow – Shell’s brand colours – even in the most unlikely compositions.

In a recent iteration of home page, for example, the banner photograph was of bright yellow sulphur mounds, with traces of yellow on an employee’s safety suit. Smaller images under ‘Featured content’ featured dashes of yellow and red – yellow crosswalk, red sports cars. There are more examples further down the page and in the rest of the site.

The Takeaway

When many corporate sites still rely on stock and clichéd photography, Shell’s attention to high-quality imagery is refreshing. Managing images to reinforce the brand takes ‘curation’ to another level, and is worth trying to emulate.

Even if you don’t have Shell’s photography budget, putting emphasis on good images is no waste of money.

First published 09 March, 2016
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