Sandvine : Networking oversight

The missing link to a core social media channel.

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The feature

Sandvine, a Canada-based broadband network equipment producer, keeps site users in the dark about one of its own social media channels. Sandvine includes a set of five social media buttons at the right-hand end of its primary navigation bar. These launch the company’s pages on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook respectively, plus its standalone blog site and RSS news feed. An additional social media presence, on LinkedIn, is not included here or within the site (for example, on the careers page). The LinkedIn page is included in an invitation sent out to subscribers to the company’s e-mail alerts service to “keep up with current news and information, by following us on your favourite social media outlets”. Links are provided along with summaries of the content mix for each outlet.

The takeaway

Sandvine has embraced the full gamut of social media staples with enthusiasm and also an awareness that its messages need to be selected and tailored for each channel. Whether it intended the same degree of customisation in its website and e-mail marketing is not clear, but if so it should think again about the wisdom of excluding its LinkedIn presence from the set of social media ‘outlets’ offered on the site. LinkedIn is arguably the most appropriate of the popular social media networks for Sandvine to make use of: its core B2B constituency and jobseekers are prime users of LinkedIn. So it rightly has made sure it has a LinkedIn channel, but not that people can find it from the website. If social media is pushing marketing and corporate communications closer together, it is clearly yet to happen at Sandvine.
First published 02 August, 2011
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