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Employee profiles invite readers to ‘connect’ on LinkedIn.

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The feature

Ford, the US carmaker, has about 25 employee profiles in the Careers section of its corporate website. They are modern looking and well-written, and integrate multimedia elements such as embedded video where available.

Most of the profiles also feature a prominent invitation at the bottom to ‘connect’ with the employee on LinkedIn. On click, a new window opens with the employee’s LinkedIn profile. Depending on the level of your existing connection with the employee, you can either request to connect or send an InMail.

The takeaway

Corporate digital teams have been busy experimenting with ways to incorporate LinkedIn and their Careers sites, and this is a particularly creative example.

Inviting visitors to connect demonstrates transparency (only one of the several profiles we clicked did not allow access at all, presumably because of privacy settings). It also acknowledges the modern reality that jobseekers can (and probably will) look up employees they are interested in on the networking site anyway, and takes the first step for them.

Whether jobseekers ultimately ‘connect’ or not probably does not matter. The detail on LinkedIn CVs gives a good indication of career paths, and provides an ideal complement to the ‘story’-like overview in the profile on the website.
First published 24 February, 2016
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