Intel : Neglecting now

A Twitter stream sparks unintentional conversation points.

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The feature

Intel, US-based semiconductor chip maker, starts up an unintended conversation in a Twitter stream. Intel’s UK country site runs a carousel-like Twitter stream across the foot of its Company Overview page under the heading Conversations. Each of its three ‘frames’ shows a tweet message. Scroll arrows allow movement forwards and backwards through the feature. Messages are arranged in reverse chronological order i.e. starting with the most recent. Rather than showing the date of tweet, each message records the time elapsed in days since its posting. The most recent on 22 November was shown as ‘134 days ago’.

The takeaway

Has business been so brisk at Intel’s UK operation since 10 July that no one has had time in the intervening months to update its Conversations Twitter stream? So bad that there has been nothing of interest to note? Has its commitment to communication through the medium of Twitter faded or slipped down its list of priorities? Or does it not fully understand the dynamics of Twitter as a ‘water cooler’ medium and of web content management in a multi-channel world? The answer may be a combination of the above. But at the end of the day (134 and counting) these, and not whatever it was that stirred interest back in pre-Olympics Britain, have become the talking points Intel is raising through the way it manages its Conversations. The discussions this should spark within Intel revolve around matching medium to message: is Twitter really the right vehicle for this kind of feature? And about managing media: is it prepared to put in the resources, such as a dedicated editor, needed to sustain the vitality of the feature and of its website? On the latter issue, it could start by taking down or archiving the feature when the conversation dries up.
First published 22 November, 2012
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