Kohlberg Kravis Roberts : Moving picture show

Image display is responsive to scrolling.

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The Site

Kohlberg Kravis Roberts (KKR), a US-based global investment firm, uses the medium to manage the balance of words and images on a page. KKR features page-wide photo panels at the top of four of the five section landing pages on its site and at sub-section level within two of them (Company and Businesses). On pages that extend beyond the visible screen, the act of scrolling initially raises the content area so the picture ‘window’ is gradually closed and the top of the content frame ‘winds up’ to sit directly under the primary navigation bar. If further scrolling is required the full page moves up conventionally, taking the logo banner and primary navigation off the visible screen.

The Takeaway

While photographs on the grand scale are being used increasingly widely as an engagement tool to enhance the design and attraction of pages KKR has taken an unusual and inventive approach to displaying these images. This involves clever exploitation of the medium to hide the pictures once their job is done – that is, when visitors become engaged with the content. At the same time, on relatively shallow pages such as the section landing pages it aids usability by neutralising or delaying the loss of navigation menus caused by scrolling. On longer pages the benefits are arguably diluted by the disappearance of navigation. But irrespective of whether that is due to the limitations of the technology or by design, the initiative still merits attention for literally pushing the boundaries.

First published 12 July, 2012
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