Solvay : Moving between countries

A consistent link and user-friendly menu make it easy to move between country sites.

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The feature

Solvay, the Belgian chemicals maker, has a ‘Change country’ menu in the top right of every page in its main web estate.

Clicking on the menu calls up an overlay panel that lists country options alphabetical lists under four continents – EMEA, Asia Pacific, Latin America and North America. Language options for each country site are signposted via simple links next to each country. The global site is included in the menu.

The takeaway

Solvay's approach to the signposting of and movement around country sites is exemplary. The link to change countries is consistently located across the estate – in the top right utility menu of all country sites. The simple alphabetical lists by continent are easy to scan.

Country flags are intelligently used. In the menu, flag thumbnails aid scanning. Each country site also includes a well-positioned country identifier and prominent flag icon, which helps visitors to see quickly where they are, despite the fact most country sites look almost exactly the same at first glance.

Many companies struggle to achieve this level of consistency. The fact Solvay has done it suggests the company has achieved strong central governance.
First published 03 August, 2016
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