Apple : Mobile unfriendly media page

One of the world’s most successful smartphone makers has an online press section that is not mobile optimised.

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The feature

Apple’s press section, ‘Press Info’, which is signposted from the footer of is not optimised for mobile phones. When viewed on a smartphone, the text is all but unreadable unless visitors enlarge the page.

Press Info is one of two media areas signposted from the footer. The other section, ‘Newsroom’, which is also signposted from the right column of the Press Info landing page, is mobile friendly. It features some of the same press releases on the Press Info page, but also additional content such as ‘Updates’ and ‘Photos’.

The takeaway

We noted several years ago the lack of mobile friendliness of Apple’s online press section – along with other sections of its website. It is amazing that one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of smartphones has not yet addressed the problem.

Five of the seven sections listed under ‘About Apple’ in the footer are modern-looking and responsive (including the careers and investors sections), which makes the unresponsive nature of ‘Press Info’ stand out even more.

The mobile experience for journalists is made all the more confusing by the presence of the mobile-friendly ‘Newsroom’ section, which raises another issue we have noted before – fragmentation. The flaws in Apple’s online press offering are at odds with the messaging of a company famous for offering a ‘joined up’ experience across all services and devices.
First published 07 April, 2017
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