Shell : Mixing film

Game technology enlivens online corporate messages.

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The feature

Shell, the Anglo-Dutch oil giant, offers site visitors the chance to edit selected content before they share it. Shell explains its approach to developing new and current sources of energy in a sub-section of About us called Shell Let’s go. The first two items link to ‘interactive’ videos, _The sound of energy_ and _The global energy mix_ respectively. Both videos encourage viewers to edit them in play using in-screen links and controls. In _The sound of energy_ the editing centres on orchestrating a range of ‘found’ instruments (‘energy related objects’ such as a boiling kettle or light switch) to the tune of Grieg’s _In the Hall of the Mountain King_. The energy mix video allows switches at designated points between the three case studies it uses and the call-up of related information. At the end of the video viewers have an option to share their mix (on Facebook and, for The global energy mix only, Twitter). The energy mix film can also be found on Shell’s YouTube channel.

The takeaway

Shell Let’s go started out as plain Let’s go and was linked to a marketing campaign of the same name, with links to TV ads housed on Shell’s YouTube channel included. The links remain – allowing viewers to spot the source material for The global energy mix – but the on-site interactive videos break with the marketing content in a significant way: they are designed for online use rather than as an adjunct to an offline campaign. The interactive functionality raises the engagement potential of the content. And while it will seem simple stuff to anyone used to electronic games – a familiarity to be exploited – it is on the edge for a corporate site and probably a large part of its audience. The sharing options are well placed to spread the novelty.
First published 23 April, 2013
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