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The commercial potential of a directory is reduced by an omission.

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The Site

América Móvil, Mexico-based telecommunications giant, provides a useful guide to its individual subsidiaries and affiliates but not links to them. América Móvil’s corporate site provides a link on every page to a Subsidiaries & Affiliates feature that is also highlighted with a large banner on the home and Contact pages. The feature indexes 18 countries. Mousing over a name highlights the country on an atlas to the left; on click, a standardised set of facts such as the percentage market share and number of subscribers in the selected country are displayed in a panel to the right. Also shown in the country summary are the logos of the subsidiary company/companies operating within it. The logos are not hyperlinked to the corresponding company website nor are there any links elsewhere in the section to subsidiary websites.

The Takeaway

In designing a useful tool with which to explore its country operations, América Móvil has resisted or overlooked the opportunity to link through to the websites of the featured subsidiaries and affiliates. Not only does this run counter to what users have come to expect from such a feature, it also ignores its commercial value: significant numbers of potential customers or investors, for example, come to the dotcom site looking for such a link. Worse, the site heightens those expectations both in the quality and interactivity of the Subsidiaries & Affiliates directory and its prominence on the home page and universal Contact page. Previous Flash-based versions of the site did apparently link to the company sites via the logos in Subsidiaries & Affiliates. These links may have been mistakenly removed in the changeover from Flash to full HTML or purposely omitted. Either way, reinstating clear links to subsidiary sites would restore functionality that adds value both for site visitors and América Móvil itself.
First published 17 April, 2012
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