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Media content amalgamation needs better explanation.

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The feature

Nestlé, Switzerland-based foods and confectionery group, has amalgamated its media content without fully explaining the new structure to users.

Nestlé has introduced a News feed sub-section to its corporate Media section as a “one-stop shop for news, press releases, statements and other multi-media content about our company”. Its landing page provides a menu of story summaries and links from all these sources in reverse chronological order of publication (that is, most recent first). Eight are shown, with a button at the bottom of the page to ‘Load more’ above a link for anyone “looking for something in particular” to Search our News archive.

News archive is a separate sub-section where the most recent item lags the News feed leader by several days (27 on 14 May). Both sub-sections have their own search engine: News feed is initially by keyword only; News archive combines keyword with a content-type filter. Neither allows for a search by date or gives an indication of the chronological spread of its content.

The takeaway

Nestlé has turned its main news service into a social-style timeline that transforms a generally mundane and disjointed offering into an attractive and browsable feature. So far so good, in particular for the general site visitor, but more polish and a bit more joining up is needed to preserve the ‘professional service’ element of the Media section. Most importantly, several aspects of the new structure are unexplained and greater clarity would enhance usability as well as encourage use.

The relationship between News feed and News archive would certainly benefit from some explanation. While News archive is recommended as the place to look for specific topics it cannot be relied on to include all or the most recent material featured in News feed, and gives no warning or reason why. There is also no indication of the historical depth of the archive (and no date filter) – as there is not of News feed (after several page loadings it appears to cover the current calendar year) – nor that it ranges beyond the ‘official’ company generated material around which the archive is built.
First published 15 May, 2014
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