Anthem : About page sows confusion


A US health insurance giant’s company information page has fundamental problems.

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The feature

Anthem’s consumer-facing main site has an ‘About’ link in the footer, which leads to an ‘About Anthem’ page.

The first sentence on the page has a link to a separate site for the parent company, ‘Anthem Inc’, which has its own ‘About Anthem, Inc.’ section. Below the link is a long paragraph detailing Anthem’s trade names in individual US states: ‘Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield is the trade name of: In Colorado: Rocky Mountain Hospital and Medical Service, Inc… In Connecticut: Anthem Health Plans, Inc…’

Further down the page, another company, ‘Radiant Services’ is introduced without explanation; and below this are links for corporate audience groups such as jobseekers, media and investors.

The takeaway

Anthem’s ‘about’ page is an example of what not to do when communicating company information online. Nowhere is there an explanation of who the company is and what it does, a fundamental oversight. Related problems include burying the link to the ‘about’ page; confusion about describing parent companies, partners and subsidiaries; and a legalistic and off-putting paragraph which means visitors are unlikely to get to the more useful links below.

Many large companies have been getting better at explaining themselves online – who they are, what they do and what they stand for – and we’ve highlighted numerous examples of the trend over the last few years.

Anthem’s approach is a reminder that there is also a ‘long tail’ of companies that have yet to fully exploit their corporate digital channels to tell the world what they are ‘about’.

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First published 22 July, 2020
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