Lego : Making its products work

The toymaker brings a bit of fun to the dull bits of its corporate site.

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The feature

The corporate information areas on use the group’s own services to provide visual clues. For example, the Contact Us page has Useful Links to the right that include a model truck to point to the Order Status page and a Lego postman to provide a signpost to the Subscription Center. Little Lego heads are used to bring attention to headlines such as ‘How can we help?’

The takeaway

Few companies have products that lend themselves so handily to web page decoration. But there must be opportunities for organizations to look at what they do, or sell, and how they can be used: confectioners could use chocolate bars, oil companies little oil rigs, motor manufacturers tiny cars…

Will this make a serious company look frivolous? Not really, if done with style it will show that it has a sense of humour – just the sort of place young people should be seeking to spend their working lives, for example. The key of course is ‘with style’ – unless you can do it well, don’t do it at all.
First published 11 May, 2016
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