Obama.org : Making digital history

The Obama Foundation’s online timeline about Barack Obama’s life could provide inspiration for corporate digital history features.

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The feature

Obama.org is a new website set up last week by the Obama Foundation to raise money and attract sponsorship ideas for the former US president’s planned ‘Presidential Center’ in Chicago.

‘Our story’ is a section on the site looking back at Mr Obama’s life and time in the White House. It is available to browse as a chronological timeline or by eight chapters from ‘Chicago: Where it began’ to ‘Our first tech president’.

The takeaway

Former President Obama will no doubt have more dedicated readers than most large companies or organizations, but the innovative ‘Our story’ has a lot of ideas that could be adapted for a corporate history feature.

The structure is clever, in that it allows for scrolling through from start to finish or dipping in and out of the eight chapters and multiple ‘milestones’, discreet elements such as ‘President Obama Delivered His Farewell Address’. The chapters are interlocking, and ‘related milestones’ are frequently suggested to send readers off in different directions.

The layout is clean and the photography striking, with plenty of multimedia (video and audio), embedded tweets, pull quotes and calls to action at the end of chapters. All politics aside of course, there is plenty here to inspire.

First published 25 January, 2017
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