Zurich : Making a virtue of office buildings

An ‘Offices around the world’ section deftly connects company architecture with messages about sustainability and employee wellbeing.

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The feature

The ‘Offices around the world’ sub-section features prominently in the ‘About us’ section of the Switzerland-based insurance company’s global corporate website.

There is a short introductory paragraph and an overview video followed by a tabbed menu with four locations – EMEA, North America, Latin America and Asia Pacific. A dozen specific locations are featured across the four continents, each supported with a short narrative, quick facts, statistics, photography and videos.

The takeaway

Corporate websites often have sections about international locations, but these usually focus on the city or town – amenities, beauty spots and culture.

It is unusual to see stories about the buildings themselves, but it makes sense, given the audiences companies are often trying to engage with – jobseekers and employees who will be working in them; the communities in which they will be a highly visible presence; and those interested in sustainability, who know that office buildings are a large part of the environmental footprint of companies (and the cities in which they are located).

Even in a time when more people are working from home, offices are likely to retain a central role in business life, as hubs for sharing ideas and getting to know colleagues.

Handled badly, a section on office buildings could easily be dull. However, Zurich keeps its articles concise, visually engaging and on message. There are several recurring themes that demonstrate clear editorial direction – that Zurich’s buildings are sustainable, good for employees and built in partnership with surrounding communities.

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First published 19 May, 2020
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