Ambev : Lost in Google translation

Relying on Google for different language versions of a corporate site has predictably patchy results.

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The feature

Ambev, the Brazil-based brewing company, has a language toggle in the upper left corner of its corporate website. The site’s default language is Portuguese, and the toggle, ‘Select Language’ allows users to switch to English or Spanish.

Clicking either of these options launches Google’s translation tool, and a bar at the top of the site says the site has been translated, to English or Spanish.

The takeaway

The Google-powered translation, in our tests of the English-language site, were riddled with grammatical errors.

On the home page, for example, the headline on the banner reads: ‘Meet the AMA water, our launch. 100% of the profit goes to projects of access to clean water.’ Further down, under ‘Become our supplier’: ‘Wants to offer its products and services to Ambev? It is uncomplicated and fast.’ Under, ‘Work with us’: ‘The most special moments of consumers can get their hands on. See our vacancies!’

Ambev may have chosen to use the quick and inexpensive Google tool to save on translation costs, perhaps thinking the end product would be ‘good enough’. Given that English speakers will find the site uncomfortable to read at best, and at worst, incomprehensible , it looks like a cost-cutting decision too far.
First published 31 May, 2017
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