TimeWarner : Linking out to LinkedIn

Replacing website biographies with LinkedIn profiles is a good idea taken too far.

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The feature

TimeWarner Investments is the venture capital arm of the US media giant, and has its own section on the corporate website.
The section has a biography page – ‘Time Warner Investments Team’ – which has the names and job titles of four team members – the group managing director, managing director, and two associates. There is no other information on the page, aside from two right links (one of which is a link to the current page). The hyperlinks each open new windows (without warning) to the team members’ LinkedIn profiles.

The takeaway

Several company websites have links to LinkedIn profiles alongside more conventional biographical information. If the company leadership has a presence on the channel, it makes sense to promote these pages as part of a package of resources.
It is a useful idea that TimeWarner Investments takes too far. Completely replacing conventional biographies with LinkedIn hyperlinks may save time for the company, but it adds more time-consuming clicks for users.
We could not find any other executive biographies on the site that use LinkedIn in the same way, so maybe it is unique to the investments team, which is probably keen to make connections with entrepreneurs with good ideas.
Given that visitors to the Investments Team page most likely want the company’s money, they will probably jump through the extra hoops. In most other corporate contexts, that degree of loyalty is doubtful.
First published 12 July, 2017
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