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A natural fit for Facebook.

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The Site

Interflora, a UK-based florist, has integrated Facebook into its online customer feedback surveys. Interflora sends out e-mails to customers after delivery of an order asking them to give ‘post purchase’ feedback online and providing a link to a survey run on a third-party site, eDigital Research. The second question asks customers to rate on a scale of 0-10 how likely they are, based on their recent experience of the service, to ‘recommend Interflora to friends and family’. Entering a score of 9 or 10 (‘Very likely’) triggers a prompt to recommend the service on Facebook (“We’re really glad that you’re prepared to tell others about us – why not start recommending us now?’). A link is included that will put the recommendation ‘on your facebook news page’, while a note makes clear that ‘your facebook details will not be included in your survey response’. Other scores simply move the survey on to the next question.

The Takeaway

Facebook is almost as much the rage among companies and organisations as it is among internet users – or at least the urge to be seen to be on it is. Finding a use that is more dynamic than adding the social networking site to the ‘share this’ options on a page is another matter. Interflora has hit on an application that is unarguably appropriate, to the point it seems entirely natural. The very popularity of Facebook makes the recommend option attractive as a means of generating a significant number of endorsements, and for Interflora Facebook’s ‘family and friends’ audience is a perfect fit with a large part of its own target market. The survey helps its greatest fans identify themselves and then prompts them to share their positive experience at a point where they are going to be inclined to do so – and reassures them about the privacy of their personal data. Simple and effective,
First published 30 August, 2011
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