Esh Group : Leaving out windows

The effectiveness of an interactive organisation chart is weakened.

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The Site

Esh Group, a UK-based construction company, fits the presentation of its organisation chart with the wrong kind of windows. The Group Structure page within the About Us section of Esh Group's corporate site features an organisation chart that gives an overview of the group and its subsidiary companies. The chart shows 15 subsidiaries organised along branches under headings such as delivery arms, development businesses and specialist businesses. Each company name is displayed with its logo, which when clicked opens the subsidiary's site in the current browser window.

The Takeaway

Esh Group’s organisation chart has all the ingredients for an unusually effective presentation of a corporate structure, but also has a fundamental flaw built in. On the plus side, the chart shows the relationship between the group’s companies at a glance, while clear headings, logos and company names provide further ‘fast’ information. However, the opening of a company’s site in the current browser window/tab on click of its logo is anything but a help to easy exploration of the feature. Users are taken away from the group site and must resort to the ‘back’ button to explore other branches of the group’s operations. Treating the chart as an ‘our sites’ directory is not of itself a bad thing provided it does not subvert its prime function here as a means of exploring the group. With a simple edit to allow links to open in new browser windows, the chart would retain its main role – by allowing users to navigate it efficiently – and provide quick links for those looking for a particular constituent.
First published 19 June, 2012
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