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The US retailer’s online leadership biographies have a number of useful related links.

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The feature

Leadership biographies on Home Depot’s corporate website have several links to related resources: articles in the media and the Home Depot web estate, pull quotes, embedded videos and a choice of downloadable images.

For example, the page for chief executive Craig Menear, has a pull quote, links to a story on the Fox Business website, interviews on CNBC, articles in the Home Depot website newsroom, and a choice of three images. The page for Matt Carey, executive vice president and chief information officer, has an embedded video of a conference interview, ‘3 Minutes with Matt Carey’, in addition to article links and a choice of images.

The takeaway

The array of supporting materials helps to humanise the leadership team and provides journalists with interesting background for stories and talking points for interviews – eg, more than one member of the senior team has been on Forbes’ annual list of Most Powerful Women. Picture editors will appreciate the range of styles and angles of the downloadable images.

A lack of dates on articles is a weakness, and we could not see why the image galleries in desktop view have arrow icons even when there are no more pictures to scroll through. However, the related links on Home Depot’s biography pages are a good model for other companies whose executives feature elsewhere on the corporate website and the wider media.

First published 29 March, 2017
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