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Evaluation of search results made easier.

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The Site

Deutsche Bank, the Germany-based investment bank, makes the final evaluation of search results easier. Deutsche Bank’s universal ‘text search’ tool generates an initial set of Basic Search results in a pop-up window. These are presented conventionally, 10 to a page with each result having a linked headline and URL, a short extract from the matched text and a relevance star rating. Clicking on a result headline or URL opens the target page in a fresh secondary window that sits on top of the page from which the search was launched and the results pop-up.

The Takeaway

Deutsche Bank’s succession of new windows to progress a site search seeks to overcome one of the frustrations of tracking down the information you are looking for. However good a search engine is, and however little its users stray beyond the first page of results it generates, picking out the gem from that list of 10 or 20 possibilities will most often call for a further process of elimination. While the better sites offer some additional assistance – advanced search filters and relevance ratings, as here – at some point it comes time to start clicking on results to check their value. Usually this involves persistent resort to the back button to retrieve the master list, as results are launched in the current window; in extreme cases the list is lost altogether. With Deutsche Bank’s system the original results remain in view and instantly retrievable, making for easier evaluation. The system is a trade off in terms of usability in that it tends to tiling – the build up of lots of open windows, which if you choose to close could be as tiresome as hitting the back button. But on balance, and if the search engine is reasonably accurate in its selection, it seems a bargain worth striking.
First published 13 September, 2011
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