Airbus Group : Job search ruined in a Flash

An otherwise excellent online global job search is undermined by using Flash technology for applications.

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The feature

Airbus Group’s job search tool on its corporate website quick and easy to use, with an intuitive functionality and layout. It has a quick search facility, as well as a sophisticated set of filters. The tool covers jobs around the world at the Netherlands-headquartered aerospace and defence company.

However, when some visitors press the ‘Apply’ button – if they do not have Adobe Flash installed on their computers –  they are confronted with a screen that says, ‘You need Adobe Flash to use this application. Please click the button above to install Adobe Flash Player and come back to this page to access the full functionalities.’

On mobile, there is no option to apply directly, but visitors are given a facility to email the offer to themselves, presumably to fill out the application on a desktop or laptop.

The takeaway

Apart from relying on Flash, the Airbus Group job search is well worth emulating.

However, ‘Apart from Flash’ is enough to undermine the whole experience, at a time when Flash technology is nearing extinction as the internet moves toward HTML5 for displaying video and multimedia.

Asking people to override browser blocking systems (on Google Chrome for example) or specially download Flash players may be steps too far for many would-be applicants. You cannot use Flash on iPads or iPhones, and it is reasonable to expect some jobseekers will want to apply on those devices. Using Flash also undermines the company’s messaging about a technology company at the forefront of innovation.
First published 24 May, 2017
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