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A UK retailer’s online job search does its best to hide the results.

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The feature

The vacancy search engine on the John Lewis careers microsite has five filters – for divisions, job type, region, etc and a keyword search box. Next to the filters is a long text column that extends below the scroll line on a standard desktop monitor, with an introduction explaining that the engine covers jobs across the retail group, including supermarkets, motorway services shops and the head office; a phishing scam warning; and further notes about how to apply and sign up for alerts.

When jobseekers fill in the filters and press ‘search’, the page reloads but it is not immediately clear that any results have been returned. Only when scrolling all the way to the bottom of the page – underneath the warnings and notes – will users discover a series of panels describing the company’s current vacancies. On a smartphone screen, the results also appear at the bottom of the page.

The takeaway

The John Lewis job search engine takes the assumption that ‘people will scroll’ to new limits.

In our tests we initially thought the tool was not working. There are no instructions to scroll down the page to find the results, and visitors are simply left to hunt for them. The page design does not help matters; the filters and text are on a grey background, which switches to white for the vacancies, making the section look like a footer.

Even jobseekers who eventually find the results listing will be frustrated; others may just give up.
First published 06 July, 2016
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