Oracle : Introducing campus recruiters

A simple, friendly page with campus recruiter biographies could be adapted for other corporate careers sections.

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The feature

The campus recruitment section on Oracle’s corporate website has an ‘Overview’ page that introduces its team of university recruiters that cover North America.

There are nineteen short profiles, each with a one-paragraph biography, smiling headshot, an invitation to make contact via LinkedIn and ‘quick apply’ link, which leads to Oracle’s Taleo application management system.

The takeaway

Oracle’s welcoming and social media friendly biographies strike the right tone for US university students looking for job opportunities.

Some of the US-centric details of the page could put off international audiences – lots of smiling and ‘fun facts’, etc – but its benefits in helping jobseekers get to know a company’s recruiting team is an idea worth adapting.
First published 15 March, 2017
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