Airbus Group : Interactivity takes flight

A clever online feature showcases an aerospace company’s impressive portfolio of aircraft and satellites.

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The feature

‘The Sky’s Not the Limit’ interactive feature on the Airbus Group corporate website begins on a runway with a cityscape in the background: ‘Join us on a special flight from ground level to the depths of outer space,’ says the introduction.

Visitors scroll up to see vehicles at different levels of the atmosphere and outer space – helicopters, transport and passenger planes, jet fighters and satellites, finishing with the ‘ExoMars Rover’.

For example, at the first level is the ‘E-Fan’, a quiet, electrically powered ‘trainer aircraft’. There are clickable buttons which call up pop-up menus with information about the plane – ‘Get to know it’, ‘Climbing record’ etc. Each of these have succinct and interesting factoids about the plane, and sometimes embedded videos. A right column says where visitors are in the sky – eg, troposphere, stratosphere, outer space.

The takeaway

The Airbus Group feature stands out for being more interesting and engaging than most corporate website features. It also has a clear editorial purpose – to help visitors get to know Airbus Group.

Even those who know the company makes planes and satellites are likely to be impressed by the breadth of products and impressive science on display in the feature; and it is well worth looking at for new ways to present ‘about’ information on a corporate website.
First published 07 June, 2017
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