Honeywell : Interactive board table

A clear, intuitive interactive table makes it easy to see board biographies and committee memberships.

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The feature

Honeywell, a US-based engineering company, has a matrix table on its Investor microsite showing which of its 11 board members sits on its four committees.

The names of the committees, listed along the top, and the board members, listed down the left side, are hyperlinked. Clicking these leads to overlay panels with more information. For example, clicking on ‘Audit Committee’ calls up a panel listing all of the committee members and a link to the PDF of the charter document.

Clicking on a board member name calls up a short biography and the other committees the board member serves on. Clicking on the ‘person icons’ in the table also calls up the board biography overlay panels.

The takeaway

Honeywell’s interactive board table is simply presented, informative and easy to use.

It is easy to see at a glance the composition of committees; the biographies are brief, informative and well-structured; and there are well-placed links to further information.

We rarely find much thought going into the corporate governance section, but given its importance - not just to specialist audiences - it makes sense to exploit the web’s functionality like this. 
First published 03 May, 2017
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