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Channel proliferation under control.

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The feature

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), UK-based pharmaceuticals company, prompts followers on its other channels to check out its corporate site. GSK has an active presence in social media and other channels and prompts visitors to its corporate site to ‘join the conversation’, with links on its home page to its presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr. These channels in turn regularly push followers back to the corporate site to view new content. For example, many individual videos on the company's YouTube channel, GSKvision, include ‘find out more’ prompts below the viewing panel: for Careers videos this offers a link direct to the careers section of the corporate site. The corporate site is also prominently promoted from the channel's home page with the inclusion of the company logo and link to

The takeaway

GSK has embraced social and other channels enthusiastically, developing rich presences in the most popular channels. Its YouTube channel, for example, has a playlist of 67 videos. But rather than emigrating content it is integrating the new channels with its existing – and recently relaunched – corporate website. This maintains the corporate site as the core of a galaxy of communications channels, and for good reason. It is still the platform where the company can control its message, whether it be to graduate jobseekers or users of its products, and explain itself in its own terms (and as much detail as it wants). Pushing social media audiences to the right corporate content is the key to how successfully the strategy works. The trick now for GSK’s online team is to make sure that its entire web estate is kept in control. Few companies are coping will with the ‘channel proliferation’ identified from the FT Bowen Craggs Index. It’s worth watching to see if the impressive connectivity is maintained.
First published 15 November, 2012
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