Jupiter Asset Management : Harvesting failure

Inappropriate use of a registration form risks losing investors.

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The feature

Jupiter Asset Management, a UK-based fund management group, puts its multimedia content for individual investors behind a registration wall. Jupiter’s Individual investors site presents a set of videos in its Multimedia section. Viewers can select from a searchable thumbnail index or a larger carousel on the left-hand side of the page showing featured videos. Clicking most videos in either location triggers a pop-up informing users that in order “to take part in this channel’s live and recorded webcasts” they must first register with a webcasting service, BrightTALK, and that the service is for “business professionals”. The registration form consists of 14 fields, 13 of which are not optional and include e-mail address, telephone number and company. Two videos (for emerging markets and Merlin portfolios) launch in the pop-up without the need to register. A separate site for Financial advisers & wealth managers has the same Multimedia set-up.

The takeaway

Many investor multimedia offerings, most notably webcasts, require registration for use. There are pragmatic reasons for this to do with filtering the audience for a live webcast, as well as gathering contact information for follow-ups. Jupiter’s enthusiasm for the latter is overly blatant for an initial registration and stretches the limits of tolerance even for ‘business professionals’ familiar with such services. To many individual investors, however, it will be the signal to abandon their interest. Jupiter is magnifying the effects of the registration issue here by failing to distinguish between the two audiences to which it is offering videos – individuals and business professionals. The service is geared to the latter and offered untailored to the former. A version without the live webcast element could more appropriately offer individuals unmonitored access to the videos – which appears to be technically possible given the no-restrictions launch of two videos in the existing set. The videos can then do their job of persuading viewers of the relevance and strength of Jupiter’s insight, and so deliver real leads rather press-ganged prospects.

First published 01 November, 2012
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