BNY Mellon : Hamilton the quiz

BNY Mellon uses a simple quiz to test people on its founder.

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The feature

The New York based investments company has Our Story as the first element in its Who We Are section. This is heavily based around the founder, Alexander Hamilton. As well as a biography and a video chat about him by the former chairman, it has an interactive quiz. The six questions include asking the name of his house in Harlem and the treaty he signed with Britain. The answers add a little extra information when they appear.

The takeaway

Quizzes make good use of the web's capabilities, and if your founder is the hippest 250-year-old around, why not use him to attract interest among young jobseekers? The questions are serious, but are they too serious? The rigorous refusal to mention the year's most successful musical may give some the impression that BNY Mellon is a little haughty. Surely 'The ten-dollar Founding Father without a father got farther by working a lot harder' is an excellent message for the modern capitalist? Most HR departments would give much to have such a seam of gold to mine.
First published 21 February, 2018
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