PepsiCo : Glossary of CSR policies and positions

The US food and beverage company provides an A-Z guide to its activities and views relating to a wide range of social, environmental and governance issues.

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The feature

The Sustainability section of the PepsiCo global website contains a sub-section titled ‘Environmental, Social and Governance Topics’ (see screenshot above).
The page houses an extensive set of click-to-expand, alphabetically ordered panels, each addressing a specific CSR topic – from ‘Agriculture’ to ‘Water’.
Each panel contains clearly formatted text information on the company’s goals, priorities and initiatives relating to the topic in question.
The panels also offer also onward links to deeper detail elsewhere on the site; direct links to related PDF documents (such as official policies); and tag-style anchor links to ‘related topics’ addressed on the page.

The takeaway

An A-Z glossary is a simple but effective mechanism for providing site visitors with easy to find information on a company’s policies and positions on specific CSR topics. 
PepsiCo’s provision of summary information directly in the panels, plus links to deeper detail, as well as PDF policy documents, means that the provision is likely to be appreciated by both generalist visitors as well as CSR professionals.
Some entries in PepsiCo’s A-Z may, however, appear rather thin to some visitors. For example, a panel tackling ‘Responsible Research’ consists of just two sentences, with no downloads or onward links.
But overall, this is an approach that other companies should consider emulating on their own corporate sites.  

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First published 21 January, 2020
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