AXA Investment Managers : Giving it more thought

A thought leadership microsite fails to engage visitors or encourage them to get in touch.

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The feature

AXA Investment Managers, the asset management subsidiary of the financial services giant, has a microsite, ’20 years views’, to mark the company’s two-decade anniversary. On the microsite, executives and investment managers at the company offer ‘look back at lessons learnt and challenges going forwards’.

Each expert has a page with a large headshot in the banner, with blocks of text underneath on topics such as ‘Euro Credit’, ‘Responsible Investment’ and ‘Liability Driven Investment’. The site is promoted on a banner on the company’s corporate website home page.

The takeaway

Although the microsite is visually striking, the content itself is thin, headlines are dull, and the presentation lacks creativity or any of the modern multimedia features that are used to bring online content to life – video, infographics, interactive features, etc.

There is a small link back to the main site, but the company makes no other effort to have visitors get in touch by providing contact details, newsletter sign-ups or social media feeds.

The most effective online thought leadership builds a ‘destination’ for customers to which they will want to return; and provides ways for them to get in touch about products and services. AXA Investment Managers’ ’20 years’ feature falls short on both counts.
First published 12 August, 2015
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