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The feature

SABMiller, UK-based brewer, uses an innovative set of rich-content utilities in its universal site navigation. SABMiller’s corporate site has a universal utilities string at top right that includes Videos and Images along with Your Page and Contacts. The Videos link opens a discrete page where a tabbed matrix enables browsing and searching of the site’s 186 videos by keyword or any of six categories (for example, Financial Results, People). There is also a quick links tool with Most popular and Your playlist options. The latter feeds into the content personalisation utility, Your page. Images is a direct link to the image library in the News & media section. The main home page and section landing pages have a featured ‘Follow us’ link to SABMiller’s YouTube channel, which has 62 videos organised in five playlists. These correlate in varying degree to the Videos categories. The channel home page has a link to the corporate site but makes no mention of the Videos feature there.

The takeaway

SABMiller’s use of its top utilities string for what might loosely be called ‘social’ content is innovative as well as indicative of one direction in which corporate websites could develop. It both reflects the strong growth in the popularity among internet users of viewing and sharing videos and pictures online, and an emerging awareness among companies that their websites are ideal vehicles for telling their stories in engaging and compelling ways – more magazine than annual report. The Videos link is the most striking elevation of content to universal visibility, but the grouping of it with Images and Your pages indicates that something more far-reaching is in play than a leap onto the video-content bandwagon. One aspect to keep an eye on is the relationship between the corporate site and a YouTube channel that draws on the same content library. It’s notable that the site feature, Videos, is better stocked than the YouTube channel. This might reflect a deliberate ‘showcase’ approach to YouTube, though its weak integration – just one generic link back to the corporate site – could suggest a communications strategy that isn’t yet fully focused on the big picture.
First published 22 January, 2013
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