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The handover to local information gets smoother.

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The Site

AXA, a France-based insurance group, provides quick links from its global careers pages direct to local jobs pages worldwide. AXA heads the right-hand column of its global Careers section with a country selection tool, Join us, dedicated to careers enquiries. Clicking on the search field, indicated with a magnifying-glass symbol, generates a dropdown list of countries in which AXA companies operate; after selecting a country a further click on the magnifying glass generates an overlay panel containing a list of links to AXA businesses either in the chosen country or recruiting there (for an international graduate programme, for example). Links open the relevant careers/jobs page of the business’ global or country site in the current browser window. The tool is on all pages within the Careers section except its landing page. There are no prompts on that page for job searches or the Join us tool either in the featured navigation or the Quick links in the rich footer.

The Takeaway

AXA has an extensive global careers section that is rich in background information on the company and the opportunities it offers as an employer, but has no central jobs board where potential candidates can investigate and pursue current vacancies. In this respect it acts as a hub, channelling people to the countries and businesses where the work is. Such a model is well established, but the fast-tracking that AXA brings to the handover is a notable and user-friendly refinement. The Join us tool provides a quick-links route to local information and completes the handover without the jobseeker having to leave the current page. That said, there is room still for improvement in the usability of the tool. The process of selecting a country is not intuitive – the blank search field seems to invite a typed entry and the prompt to ‘Select your country’ is not linked to generate a list, as might be expected, so a degree of trial and error is required to find that a click on the blank field is the key to opening the list. The number of clicks then needed to launch the chosen country entry is also excessive. The lack of a prompt for the tool on the section landing page is odd as it potentially frustrates the many jobseekers who come to a site specifically to look through the vacancies. Presumably the fact that the tool is integrated into internal pages rather than is a go-to feature means it is excluded literally by design on the section landing page. But someone could surely be employed to devise a way of pointing to its existence.
First published 29 September, 2011
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