Tesla : Innovative infographics

Eye-catching video and animation to demonstrate products could also have uses for corporate information.

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The feature

Tesla, the US electric vehicle and renewable energy company, uses video and animation based infographics on its website to sell its car models and solar products.

For example, on the Model S page animation is used to demonstrate the ability of the car's 360-degree cameras and long-range radar to detect distant objects. Another graphic helps visitors to visualise features such as auto-pilot, auto lane change, summoning the car by remote control and autopark. Quick video clips on the Solar Roof page show how conventional roofs would be removed and solar panels installed.

The takeaway

The infographics are a novel, eye-catching and modern way to describe key features with minimal text.

While this is product marketing, the technique could be highly effective as a device for conveying evergreen corporate information, if executed with care.

We found the multimedia-rich panels on Tesla's product pages to be slow to load (over fast broadband, but not superfast), so technical considerations must be weighed up against the potential benefits.

First published 10 March, 2021
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