Hydro : Expert customer localisation

Visitors to Hydro.com are automatically routed to the appropriate country site – one of an unusually large selection for a corporate web presence.

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The feature

A local contact information panel on the Norwegian aluminium producer’s main home page displays a list of regional operations which link to the relevant details.

Customer areas, such as the ‘Products and Services’ and Industries sections, display geographically tailored product selections – all in the appropriate local language. Those wanting to get in touch are offered prominent contact buttons – which lead to pages on which contact forms have country and product options pre-selected to ensure the enquiry goes to the correct department.

The takeaway

Hydro’s use of localisation helps customers complete tasks efficiently by providing information that is as relevant and accessible as possible. 

This is particularly helpful for those needing to contact the company who can do so quickly and easily. Visitors will feel confident they are being directed to the right person or team, and this efficiency presumably pays dividends internally at Hydro too.

International visitors will appreciate the language provision, with 35 sites offering material in one or more local languages as well as English: impressive.

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First published 06 May, 2020
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