Target : Enriching job descriptions

The US retailer’s online job descriptions have engaging supplementary videos and links to other useful material for jobseekers.

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The feature

Job descriptions on the Target careers site have panels of additional information in the right column and at the bottom of the page. There is a mix of material, including short talking head videos; links that lead to more information on the company culture, the local area, and an FAQ; plus information on how to complete a draft application and set up a job alert.

For example, on a recent job posting for an executive team leader in Michigan, there is a 28-second video featuring Sydney, an executive team leader in specialty sales, answering the question ‘What excites you about your work?/What makes you proud to work for Target?’

The takeaway

Our visitor research shows that among jobseekers and employees who visit corporate websites, their top goal is to look for and apply for jobs.

There is likely to be high traffic on job description pages, so it makes sense to provide signposts to material that helps ‘sell’ the company where these audiences are most likely to be. Target does this well. The videos are brief and engaging and the links are genuinely useful and informative.

The videos also demonstrate a growing trend to showcase and engage employees on external digital channels, in order to show a more authentic view of what the company is like as a workplace.

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First published 23 February, 2021
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